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Find The Car You Need, Near You

Explore Kenya's largest car sharing marketplace

Komboa gets where you need to go for less money, and less impact on the environment.

With Komboa, you can get anywhere you need to go for less money, and less impact on the environment. Founded by people who love technology and care about our environment, our vision is a region in which individuals, businesses, and other organizations meet their transportation needs while owning fewer vehicles, and as a result improve the environment while at the same time saving money.

Save Money

Komboa covers fuel, insurance options,* parking, and maintenance for a potential savings of Ksh. 30k/month over car ownership.

Cars Near You

Komboa hosts/car owners live in your local neighborhood, and in cities, campuses and counties across the country.

Save The Environment

Komboa presents a good antidote to reducing pollution by bringing down the number of cars plying on the roads.

Carsharing is good for your environment, your community, and your wallet.

Sometimes you need a car, sometimes you don’t. Komboa’s Carsharing gives you the freedom to drive when you have to, and to walk, bike, or take the bus when you don’t.

With a choice of vehicles near you; at your workplace or home,  it’s easy to get a car when you need one. 

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汽车共享已成为交通领域的变革性解决方案,提供灵活性和成本效益,作为私家车所有权的替代方案。随着城市的发展和城市人口的增加,汽车共享为城市居民提供了一种在需要车辆时使用车辆的便捷方式,而不会在不需要时堵塞城市街道。 什么是汽车共享? 汽车共享的核心是由多人共享和使用一辆车。它允许个人和企业按小时或按天使用汽车和货车,而无需拥有这些车辆,从而消除了与所有权相关的成本和麻烦。植根于社区和可持续发展,汽车共享取代了私家车,使街道上未充分利用的汽车消失。研究表明,每增加一辆 GoGet 汽车,繁忙的城市街道上就会减少 10 辆私人汽车。 但它们是如何工作的呢?汽车共享有几种不同的模式,包括汽车共享服务拥有和管理汽车的方式,以及服务的工作方式。NCAA Jerseys 8 ft kayak stetson casquettes vanhunks kayak penn state jersey latex hood adidas yeezy boost 350 ...
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Benefits of Car Sharing

What are the benefits of car sharing, if any? For many, private car use is fundamentally inefficient. It’s an asset that is utilized on average ...
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