About Us

Kenya's Largest Car Sharing Platform

Komboa is Kenya’s first and largest peer-to-peer Carsharing platform. Komboa puts already owned, Private vehicles to better use and challenges the traditional model of owning a private car.

Sharing Economy

Komboa's founders are firm believers in the Sharing Economy, where people are beginning to think differently about car ownership and mobility; having access to a car now does not necessarily mean needing to own a vehicle. Similarly, mobility is not restricted to one mode of transportation, with trips becoming more multi-modal. Even as shared mobility is growing, there are many people who still own a vehicle. However, these vehicles are not highly utilized.

Komboa was founded to address this situation while meeting a demand for more transportation options. By creating a peer-to-peer platform, Komboa has given people a viable option of vehicle access without having to own a vehicle.In contrast to other peer-to-peer operators, Komboa does not focus on certain types of cars or one kind of trip. Instead, it aims to offer as many options as possible. In this way, Komboa wants to enable people to live smarter and leave a smaller footprint on the environment.